Coronavirus and Acme's Response

March 24, 2020 9am

Many state, county, and local authorities have ordered residents to “stay-in-place,” restricting them to “essential activities” and work at “essential businesses.” As of this morning, we are not aware of any order that would restrict, let alone close, any of Acme’s sales, distribution, or our production facilities. Of course, that could change later, so we urge you to check with us frequently for updates.

At this time, we continue to do our best to maintain safe and sanitized work areas, practice social distancing, and work-from-home as much as possible in order to provide a safe and healthy work area for our associates and our customers.

While our showrooms remain closed to the public, our contractor desks are open for business.

If you are a customer who needs to get an order filled, please consider texting/emailing/phoning your order to your sales rep or our office in advance so that we can have our teams prepare your order for delivery/pickup as efficiently as possible.

It is important to note that, collectively, we serve an important cause. Many government agencies have defined construction as an “essential business”! We thank you for trusting us to be an integral element in that process.

Thank you for your business – and for your patience.

Dennis Knautz
President and CEO
Acme Brick Company

March 17, 2020

The health & safety of our associates and our customers has always been one of our top priorities. As the COVID-19 (coronavirus)

pandemic has progressed, our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy has intensified.

To date, we have looked to the CDC, state, and local agencies for guidance and direction; regularly shared best practices with all of our associates; informed them of proper hygiene practices;

urged associates to remain home if they feel ill; and scheduled regular, deeper cleaning of our facilities.

Now, efforts to increase social distancing dictates further changes. While we feel it is important to keep our sales and distribution facilities open for business in order to

continue providing you with industry-leading customer service, some changes must occur.

Therefore, effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020 (and until further notice), we will be closing our sales showrooms to the public. Our contractor counters will remain open to process

orders and arrange for product pick-ups, but there will be special distancing rules that will vary by location. We will continue to accept customers’ calls during normal business hours and continue to provide you with the service and information that you

expect. Please call our local sales office or your sales rep for further assistance.

At this point, all of our brick and block plants are operating at planned rates and our delivery fleet is operating as expected.

It is our plan to post updates on our website at and through our social media channels

on Facebook and Twitter. We hope to return to normal operations as soon as possible. For now, we are doing our best to follow the lead of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local authorities.

Dennis Knautz
President & CEO
Acme Brick Company