Going Green - Introduction

Acme Brick Tile & Stone is a superior source for building products that look beautiful, last for decades, and are eco-friendly.

Ceramic, glass, and porcelain tile are all derived from natural earth elements and are manufactured to span the test of time. Natural stone, of course, needs only to be quarried and shaped; its “embedded energy” quotient is relatively low.

Tile and stone can make significant contribution to indoor environmental quality. Being chemically inert, they emit no chemicals into the air: a claim that no paint or carpeting can make. When properly selected and installed, they will often last as long as the rest of the building, with minimal maintenance and regular cleaning. As occupants and uses change – or at the end of the building’s life – tile and stone can be reclaimed and recycled into a new application, which helps the overall life-cycle impact of the building.

Builders and architects who are following LEED-NC 3.0 guidelines will find that products from Acme Brick Tile & Stone can help in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQc4.3, for FloorScore-compliant flooring), as well as in areas such as Innovation and Design.

Today’s exciting new designs for tile and stone have dramatically increased the potential of these time-tested, high-performance materials. Ask your Acme Brick Tile & Stone representative for tips and more information on how tile and stone can satisfy your green-building priorities – now and well into the future.

There are the basic needs in life; food, water, clothing and shelter. Our homes, our shelters, are more than a mere physical structure. They are the place where we retreat for protection, comfort and spend time with friends and family. The materials used for and in our homes reflect who we are but these materials can come at a large cost to our environment.

Today, manufacturers, architects, designers and builders are stepping up to address their role in providing materials, designs and practices that pave the way for environmentally responsible homes. You have a role too. Whether you are remodeling or building new, choosing Green materials for your home will benefit your health, comfort, environment and finances.

In this section, we are going to cover what it really means to be green, tips on how you can be more green, hot new products that make it easy to be green and remain stylish at the same time.