Building your first house can be an overwhelming task. Greg and I wanted a home that is as maintenance free as possible. We love our tile floors, modern kitchen and bar backsplash, as well as, our outdoor kitchen backsplash.

Deciding to tile the entire patio around the pool, along with our outdoor living area, is probably one of the best decisions we made!

It would never have all come together without your help. Your patience and guidance is much appreciated. After looking at other local tile supply companies, it quickly became apparent that Acme carries the largest selection. Because Acme was able to keep our shipments and deliveries on schedule, we were able to avoid delays, and kept our tile tile layers on schedule.

Again, thank you for all the efforts that the Acme team provided. It’s no wonder our home builder has been working with you for years!


Felicia Houge

One would think that working for a well-respected company like Acme Brick would be enough to dissuade others from competing against the brick and tile giant. It’s true Acme has the product lines and the logistics to help make your project stand out and be completed on time – BUT they also have Linda Anderson. Linda is the primary reason I’ve been working with Acme for a number of commercial and home projects. Her long term business strategy has been to know the products and their benefits AND the best install solutions to make your project last. Product information comes quick to her, understanding your project boundaries helps her to recommend the right install solution and sourcing the product from the right distribution center helps ease the concerns for a timely application.

If you want client satisfaction, team up with Acme and Linda Anderson as they continually prove to be the most reliable, consistent and valuable resource when searching for commercial and home building solutions.

Don Winton Chief Operating Officer Crews & Associates, Inc.

“As I turned 50 this year one sure thing I am choosing to embrace is ......change. In the past I was NOT a fan of this concept; I wanted my favorite restaurant at our go to vacation spot to always be there, I wanted my favorite nail polish color to always be available and I wanted my reps to never retire! Well, even with change ACME has been tried and true for us! They continue to educate me on all the “new” items on the market, they have coordinated training for our tradesmen, they continue to offer new products and lines that keep our projects current. So I guess I will “hug” change, love the new and be grateful for the same great service I get from Team ACME!!!” Changing for the Better,

Becky Charton, Table Setters, Inc

Overall I was very satisfied with the service and products at ACME tile. Dana was helpful from the beginning with the design decisions all the way to the end with ordering and pickup. Julissa and Dana went above and beyond to help me complete my project.

Autumn Branam

'ACME is my exclusive source for everything I need—whether I am looking for a Human Size Crossbow, a Rocket Sled, an Anvil to drop on a running bird, Crash Helmets, a Portable Hole, or just some good old fashioned Bird Seed and Dynamite—they never cease to amaze me at their willingness to help me plan my adventures, and with their fast courteous and prompt delivery...even in the middle of the desert!! I just wish they’d be willing to show me where they hide all of this stuff! Go with ACME … you won’t be sorry'

Best Regards,

Brad and Brenda Wood JBW Home Renovation

“The customer service we receive at Acme Brick Tile & Stone is above any other showroom around”

Ben Whipple dba Whipple Tilecme